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Website Design And Development

Website Design And Website Development

I.W.T Website Design Service is ideal for small to medium sized business owners that currently don’t have a Website and or a Mobile Website, Or are looking to redesign and update their current website to comply with the current technology.

In today’s world business owners have to keep up with the new technology, This means if you had your website built a few years ago, and as recent as 2 to 3 years, you need to revisit your website and make the adjustments, adjustments are needed as today, most people are browsing and searching the web on their Mobile devices and therefore your website needs to be Mobile Friendly, And if you are looking to build your first website, Intelligent Website Technologies can help you in creating your new website with cutting edge technology! 

Intelligent Website Technologies as the name implies, have the expertise to build you an Intelligent Website so that if your site is being viewed by a Mobile Device, Your site will have the capability of detecting the device that is looking to view the site, if its a computer, they will see your full blown website, however if the visitor is using a Mobile device to view your site, they will be seeing a mobile friendly version of your site.

That being said we can also build a fully functional stand alone mobile site as well that has its own look, feel and design which will be in line with your bran and website design.

Intelligent Website Technology program features, technology and level of service are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients, meaning that everything from the website analysis, number of pages optimized and additional features are perfect for new or intermediate site owners.

 Mobile site Design And Development



Mobile Site Landing Page

1.To the point

2.Effective conversions

3.Testing ground prior to full-blown sites

4.Less expensive

5.Integrated with Tap-To-Call, SMS, & E-mail technology

6.New options to integrate with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube


Social Media Landing page

1.New technology to integrate mobile landing pages with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

2.Fuses the two hottest markets together

3.Enables maximal exposure & marketing with the best targeted reach


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Mobile Landing Page With Email Option

Mobile Landing Page With SMS Option

Mobile App Creation

Mobile Applications

Learn More About Mobile Apps!  





We provide Mobile Marketing consultation and offer a full range of services to engineer a successful revenue-enhancing Mobile Marketing campaign for your business. We guarantee an increase in revenues from our services providing you with the Mobile Marketing Campaign free of charge, if it does not add value.

At Intelligent Website Technologies, we Utilize cutting edge technology and tools in Mobile App Creation, Mobile Website and Mobile Landing Pages tailored to suit your specific business requirement!

If you have an old website and don’t want to invest in a redesigning your site and turning it in to Responsive Webiste, Yet you would like to have a Mobile Site, We can help! we simply add our cutting edge Mobile Device Detection to your existing site and will build your Mobile Site or Mobile Landing page for you, which can save you time and money.

You may ask yourself what is A Responsive Website? A Responsive Website is designed and developed in a way that gives your site visitors the same experience regardless of the browser they are using, if they are using their PC browser, Mobile phone and everything in between, meaning the site will adjust itself based on the type of the browser that is being displayed on!  

Most popular services that you can expect from Intelligent Website Technologies:

Responsive Website Design And Development,  

Mobile Site Design,  

Mobile Device Detection Technology for existing site, 

Mobile App Creation, 

Homepage Analysis For Existing Websites,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Submissions to over 100 Top Search Engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing 


Here are some Interesting stats:


There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. “Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia”


91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet of themselves, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. “Source: Morgan Stanley”


3 out of 5 searches are done using a mobile phone, And last but not least 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. “Source: Mobile Marketer”


If your business is not taking advantage of the Mobile ad space, you’re missing out on the hottest trend that’s getting small businesses seeing Green again!